Riz Virk and The Simulated Multiverse

For this collective intelligence survey, we went deep into the Mandela Effect for our Exo hangout with Riz Virk.

The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon in which the minority of the public will retain memories of past events or objects that are different from what the majority remembers. 

Many of the questions over product names in our survey seemed to be a wash, but on bigger multiple timeline examples – like the whether Nelson Mandela died in prison or after becoming president, the waters get murky, especially as Virk explains that people have very direct pivotal memories of what they were doing when both of the scenarios happened.

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Holographic Simulation Hypothesis? Glitches in the Matrix?

But what was most surprising to us when we looked at the results of the survey was the fact that so many people in our group believed that we were living in some sort of simulation. And the list of glitches, made us want to collect even more.

Recap Video from the Riz Virk Hangout

Glitch Report Highlights

  • Other Dimension Interaction

    • A couple of times I’ve had objects seem like they’ve “teleported”. One of the times, I had been on a virtual call on my laptop for a group meditation. Right after, I went outside for a short walk, leaving the laptop plugged in where I’d just used it and taking only my house key. I returned home after 30 minutes and went to go log back in and my laptop was not there. I looked in and under everything. I panicked slightly at first thinking maybe my home had been broken into (I live by myself), and checked my security camera feed. No one but me had been in the house or around the perimeter during the 30 minutes I was on my walk. My foyer camera showed me walking out the door about 3 minutes after the virtual call ended. Then later that evening I got in my car (locked and in my garage) to go somewhere and, peeking out from under a sweater, on my passenger seat was my laptop. My foyer camera has a view of the door to my garage. Nothing had entered or exited through that garage door all day.

  • Visual & Audio Anomalies

    • When I close my eyes and get jolted awake, I see the entire scene in black and white grids with physical form of the objects.

    • Watching the matrix or a portion of it disappear from in front of my eyes ie the walls of a room disappeared and there was nothing behind the walls just emptyness.

  • Events & Mass Experience

    • Former NASA guy did not recall our conversation about his latest 9/11 research project; he did not recall the research project he described to me.

    • I remember seeing movie trailers or songs that have not come out yet. Swear I’ve seen them before.

    • Many… Dreamed about 911 exactly as it was presented on TV exactly 2 weeks prior. Dreamed of winning a gymnastics competition the night before exactly as it happened. Vision dreams of the entire future from 1971 to WWIII start in 2020 and beyond… Predicted the 1985-6 stock market crash in 1963 in a grade 6 project.

    • Watching a TV show that says it is new but I have already seen it.

  • Dejavú

    • Like others, I experience dejavú fairly often.

  • Time

    • I had a UFO experience in my yard where I was seeing myself in this 3D reality as my future self. While I was seeing and speaking to the green lights in the tree. I asked who they were in the light green spinning and morphing craft, I heard it say it was me In the future. I heard it say I am you in the future.

Riz Virk Hangout Highlights

Another famous Mandela Effect Example is the Bears

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Other Questions in the Survey

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Other Glitch Reports

Other Dimension Interaction

  • I have experienced things moving by what seems like in another dimension.

  • I find objects in the wrong places – like a magic wand placed on my desk chair, and my ear pods placed on my desk.

  • I called it “slipstreaming,” when on many occasions I felt as if I had traversed into another reality for a brief moment, and then had returned.

  • Just knew life had shifted

  • Super slow motion, other-dimensional objects

  • Coffee cup and lighter missing then reappearing 15 min laterI don’t know if it’s a glitch… talking to people who insist their memory is correct, but it differs from mine in reference to the previous questions. So is it my glitch or theirs?

  • Saw a non human entity eye to eye plus psychism

  • Visual & Audio Anomalies

    • I remembered on a few occasions that I had looked at my hands as if they belonged to another life form.

    • Sudden movement occurring almost behind my eyes. sometimes it’s so severe, it’s followed by illness. the last one was just this last Friday night.

    • Sometimes I see people or animals moving in still photos – both on paper and online. It’s incredibly slight, as if I catch the 1/2 second before the camera shutter clicks.

    • Occasionally I will detect visual “ripples” on surfaces – on the floor, a table surface, sometimes in the sky and inanimate objects. It usually lasts for 10-15 seconds. It’s not my eyes playing tricks.

    • This has happened a few times where I’ve blurted out an answer to a question that I was absolutely certain I HEARD the other person ask (their tone of voice, vocal inflection, volume) only to be told they hadn’t asked the question yet, but were about to.

    • Viewed a billboard that no other person I spoke with of it saw.

    • I saw the green screen visions

    • Physical surroundings suddenly changing/changing back.

  • Events & Mass Experience

    • A second Archie comic appearing on my secret shelf, as a kid, after the comic retired.

    • More related to UFOlogy, I had a strong conviction in 2016 that researcher Stanton Friedman had died years ago. I was told to my relief and surprise that he was very much alive. He passed in 2019, but it was strange that for many years prior to 2016 I had thought he was deceased.

    • Mona Lisa is now smiling and not more neutral. The thinker statue had his forehead on his hand not on his chin.

    • Regarding the Mandela Effect, do you remember (The New Testament) Matthew 18:20 being “for where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” The point is now it says “2 or 3” and everyone remembers “TWO OR MORE.

  • Dejavú

    • Its related to the experience of deja vu. There’s a feeling of resonance between realities. It’s like deja vu that opens up to a larger vision of time. It seems related to Mandela effects because it feels like a harmonic frequency point, like the overtone notes on a guitar string, so something like that.

  • Time

    • Lost time (2)

    • Time travel

    • Messages sent from me to me, time skips, telepathy, astral travel, distance healing, many anomalies in the matrix.

    • When you check the time and its going backwards.

    • Time warps

  • Misc.

    • Waking up in unexplained and unexpected places as a child.

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