Time Travel

Based on this month’s survey, we can be sure that we both want and believe time travel is possible. What is déjà vu? Are people working on physical devices to modulate frequencies and time travel beyond doing it in the astral?

As Rob mentions: “We are limited creatures so time appears to us as a linear progression of events because of how our memory works. It is my understanding that if time really exists as an objective phenomenon, it is quite different than we imagine.”

Do you believe time travel is possible?

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If so how?

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Have you ever time traveled?

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These are the methods people used:

  • Past Life Regressions (4)

    • Experiencing & seeing myself in other timelines through past life work & meditations.

    • I have seen/experienced many past lives.

  • Astral Travel (3)

    • Astral body travel and temporal transformation — co-creating past and future events.

    • Astrally, during both sleep and deep meditation, in connection with star family. Physically, in the sense of both focusing in a translocated state into other timeframe moments, and also in the sense of ‘jumps’ either ‘backwards’ or ‘forwards’ in a linear-time perceived experience in the here and now, with ‘jumps’ in the here and now associated with physically translocating on and off higher dimensional starships.

  • Hypnagogic state (just before sleep) (2)

    • I did so via meditation. I believe I did it as a child usually in the early stages of sleep – where you are between consciousness and sleep.

  • Meditation (2)

    • I know this sounds bizarre but meditating holding my cats especially focusing on an area or holding an area of fur — there is energy there and working with the animals sometimes allows me to experience other peoples thoughts and visit myself in past situations as a viewer and invisible participant.

  • Visions

  • Channeling

    • I have had visions and knowings of future events that have played out years later in my. I have been shown past lives and people that I knew then that are in my circle In this life now. One time I was with a friend where we were taking turns channeling. When it was her turn she channeled a message to me. As she channeled a message to me, she said I would be hearing the channeled message in the near future when I needed to hear it. One week later I went to ECETI in Washington state. While I was there I was in my room in the little guest house and I heard the channeled message in my head, every word of it, as if she were speaking it right next to me. I feel like it It came to me in a “time capsule” I heard every word of it as if she were speaking it again right at that moment. It was a five minute long channeled message.

  • Dreams

  • Comments

    • Possibly, I’ve had lots of deja vu and have had dreams of the past and possible future but not definitively.

    • Conscience jumps to re-write or to create.

    • Interdimensional using scalar energy and time co-ordinates translated from five to three dimensions.

    • Manipulating time and distance while driving.

    • I’m not certain whether I’ve time traveled. But I’ve certainly experienced ripples and “lost” chunks of time before.

    • NDE

Grant Cameron and Paola Harris Discuss Time Travel

Our Exo Metaverse Hangout this month featured Grant Cameron and Paola Harris and they speak about time travel in the session.

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