The Physics of Metaphysics

In this session, we featured an in depth interview with Nadi Hana and John Ramirez on electromagnetic fields, consciousness, UAPs, disclosure. meditation and vortex science. John Ramirez was head of the electromagnetic signatures lab (electronic intelligence at the CIA) but is now retired.

  • We were blow away when he said the US government could detect Drunvalo Melchizedek merkaba meditations from space.

  • He also told us that he met more contact experiencers in the CIA than any other walk of life besides dedicated communities such as Exo Metaverse.

Q&A with the CIA – Survey Results

One of the questions we asked in the survey, was what would you ask a CIA officer. He said that the policies of the CIA have changed over the years, based on the whims and points of views of our elected officials which control the purse strings of the agency. He said he was disappointing when the remote viewing research was shut down.

  • “How hard is it to keep all of the secrets secret?”

  • “What research was done with electromagnetics and other dimensions? Is there a stargate in Iraq? What advances have been made in time travel or interdimensional travel using frequency modulation.”

  • “Where are ETs living on Earth?”

  • “Have you personally met and interacted with beings from another planet/dimension?”

  • “To your knowledge has the “Galactic Federation,” or the Intergalactic Federation of Commerce (IFC) made contact with any section of the CIA? Also, Ask Mr. Ramirez if he can speak about Omega Section, and the facility at Raven Rock, Pennsylvania?”

  • “Who’s behind the scheming especially in Colorado”

  • “Who really killed JFK?”

  • “How do we know what to believe coming from the CIA?”

  • “Would you tell me everything you know?”

  • “Who’s behind the scheming especially in Colorado”

  • “What is the real role of the religious missionaries that the United States sends to Latin America?”

  • “How does one find their color to tune to?”

  • “Why, are you brainwashed?”

  • “What is the truth about UFO’s and Extraterrestrial Life”

  • “Did you see with your own eyes non-humanoid beings? If yes, did you see them on our planet? Did you see them off planet? Where are they from? Are the beings manipulating the genetics of the human race? If yes, are they doing so for their benefit? If no, how would genetic manipulation benefit the human race? Are non-beings concerned with the well-being of the planet Earth? In particular, the use of nuclear energy.”

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Watch the Full Video of the Interview

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