Do you remember your dreams?

Feb 8, 2020

Last week we asked everyone about their dreams.

Pretty amazing that 58% of us have prophetic dreams? What does that point to?



Dream Recall

Check out the list of tips below to help you remember your dreams. Which way worked for you? Let us know in the comments!

#1 – Three Step Dream Recall
1. Drink a bit of water (it is important to stay hydrated, so your body has enough energy
2. Tell yourself to remember your dreams
3. Have pen and paper handy so when you wake up you can jot things down.

By Zenka


#2 – Follow Your Emotions
When you wake up during a dream the memory is best. When you can‘t remember anything, follow your emotions and wait for the images to pop up. Then follow the narrative.

By Ingeborg


#3 – Stay Positioned
When you wake up, stay in the same position as sleep. enjoy remembering and being there. Commit to record any memory of the dream, even if you just remember you feeling of waking up.

By Daniel


#4 – Voice Record
If I’m in the Liminal whilst dreaming, I tell my conscious self to remember. As I awaken, knowing that a dream memory can fade quickly, I either write it down, voice record it or replay the details in my mind to commit to memory. I also can tell the difference between a dream and an experience. Sometimes my dreamtime experiences are “visits to” or “visits from” beings and energies. A kind of portal to other “places”.

By Tyler


#5 – Set Your Visualization
Another tool I picked up from a mediation course with Dakota Earth Cloud Walker. It’s just pretty simple visualizations. Imagine yourself walking down a path, going into a tree, etc. while feeling every sensation. Then look around and just see what you see.

By Cara


#6 – Write it Down
I was in the habit of jotting down my dreams first thing in the morning. I also have a tablet and #2 pencil at my bedside in the event that I awaken in the night to record the dream without turning on the lights or awakening further.

By Heather


#7 – Wake Up Slowly
Keep a writing pad next to bed. Do not wake up fast. write what you can remember.

By Gregory

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